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Polybo have set up a full-scale prototype house in Klepp municipality, Norway. The experience from this process will be used in developing the concept into a robust product.

On Friday 6th November 2009 the consortium members and invited guests were gathered at the official opening and presentation of the prototype house.

Bathroom and kitchen are according to the regular Norwegian standard and contain a washing machine, a cooker and a dishwasher. The walls are plain white and the furnishing is in a simple style, giving the house the appearance of an ordinary Norwegian home. But appearances are deceptive. Because this one is not an ordinary house. The water that comes out of the tap has been recycled. The electrical supply will be based on a 12–24 V system. The electrical energy will come from solar panels and windmills. Gas cooker is chosen as gas is widely available.

In the prototype project the surface water is treated for reuse. The plan is that all future environmentally friendly Polybo houses come with system that treats surface water, consumption water and sewage water. This treated water can be reused, or discharged without any damage to the environment.

The project consortium who built the house comprises 26 partners that supply technology, elements and services. These partners ensure a robust quality and logistics system all through the delivery chain up to a finished house – complete with energy system, water supply and waste management system.


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